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You Have to Check Out These Healing Properties of the Opal Gemstone

Healing Properties of Opal Gemstone
Opal charms the personality of the wearer and helps ease problems in your love life. Learn more about the healing and metaphysical properties of the opal gemstone through this write-up.
Anuya Waghmare
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
"October's child is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes must know;
But lay an Opal on her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest."
― Author Unknown
Opal, the birthstone of October and sun sign Libra (September 24 - October 23), is a magnificent jewel which displays an iridescent color change. The unique property of this beautiful and captivating "play of colors" is that the color changes with the change in the angle of your vision. The opalescent luster mesmerizes you with its brilliance, and hence, opal is admired and the most sought-after gemstone for its sheer beauty since centuries.
This brilliant stone possesses great metaphysical properties which enhances the personality of the wearer and provides many healing benefits which are discussed in this CrystalBenefits article.
Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Opal
Man Walking
✧ Opal is a stone of compassion, thought clarity, purity, hope, innocence, and confidence. It is considered as a very unpredictable stone, and hence, it is a symbol of a dynamic and ever-changing destiny.
✧ It magnifies your personality traits, whether good or bad, and brings those attributes to the fore. It instills confidence, enhances your dignity and self-esteem, and helps you realize your true worth and potential.
✧ The stone is said to help induce originality and creativity. It develops and encourages an interest in various arts and assists in understanding as well as getting closer to your inner self.
✧ The stone is absorbent and reflective in nature which aids you in collecting your thoughts and feelings. It also represents harmony and justice.
✧ Opal induces more spontaneity in your actions, and suppression or inhibitions are kept away. You act more freely, and this freedom reflects in your visualization, imagination, and dreams. You get a more clearer and vivid picture so that you act accordingly.
✧ Opal is an emotional stone, and as it is made up of silica and water, it can easily correlate with our emotions. It amplifies and acts as a mirror to express your emotions and desires. Your deepest desires, love, and passionate feelings are clarified with the help of opal. It is also known to act as an emotional stabilizer and bring about loyalty and faithfulness. It has always been linked or related to matters of the heart, and hence, love, passion, desires, eroticism, etc., can be intensified using opal.
✧ The stone possesses great healing powers and has been said to be beneficial in treating infections, fever, or other physical ailments. It purifies blood and kidneys, regulates insulin, and eases and provides comfort during childbirth and PMS.
Broken Heart
✧ It improves memory and is said to be beneficial for the eyes. It is told that an opal is linked to the heart, and hence, helps heal broken hearts and harmonize relationships.
Strengthens Your Immunity
✧ Opal acts like an elixir. It strengthens your immunity and builds up resistance so that any kind of infection or diseases are kept away. Hence, it is said to be the most useful stone for preventing bad health.
✧ Opal has been known to instill strength and ability to the wearer which can help him take control of his life and strengthen his will and determination to live.
✧ Opal is a great manifesting tool which enhances clairvoyance, introspection, intuition, and imagination.
Types of Opal Gemstones and Their Properties
The play of colors in opal gives them a characteristic hue. The iridescence of opal is caused by the structural arrangement of the small silica spheres which diffract light. The properties of some of them are described below.
Black Opal
Black Opal
Black opal is the most valuable and a popular opal gemstone. It may help alleviate chronic weaknesses or diseases in bones or any other tissues in the body. It can be used to reduce the toxicity of chemical treatments and counter any side effects arising from X-ray or laser treatments. It is known to lead one to attain higher spirituality and is considered as one of the strongest good luck stones. It is said to transform your fears or any negativity that holds you back from action into positivity. It can instill keenness to get on with your lives.
White Opal
White Opal
The white opal is known to activate the necessary glands and regulate the biological rhythms of the wearer. It, thus, helps avoid uncontrolled behavior and disharmony. It eases food-related complaints by restoring the pleasure in eating. It also helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, thus, managing neurological disorders and imbalance.
Fire Opal
Fire Opal
The fire opal improves personal power by awakening the inner fire within, which gives protection against danger. Fire opals are said to be good for business as they act as a magnet which draws money and customers to make the business successful. It brings about spontaneity in your actions. It makes you more enthusiastic and stimulates new ideas. It possesses great healing powers that stimulate sexual organs, improve the intestines, kidneys, and functioning of the adrenal glands. Fire opals increase passion in a relationship and help channelize your fire energies positively. It supports you through emotional turbulence and possesses excellent powers to help you in letting go of your past.
Blue Opal
Blue opal soothes you emotionally and is considered as an ultimate stone for all wishes. It assists in healing past traumatic or disturbing experiences, which are affecting your present life. It helps you see beyond the physical realities to visualize nature and life.
Green Opal
Green Opal
Green opal promotes emotional healing and recovery which helps nurture relationships. It is great at cleansing and rejuvenating your mind. It has the ability to reorient your mind and filter or separate information. It, thus, helps give a better meaning to your life and brings about a clarity in thoughts to gain spiritual prospective. It helps in strengthening your immune system, boosts your energy, and eases flu or colds.
Pink Opal
Pink Opal
Pink opal promotes self-feeling, and at a spiritual level, it activates extrasensory perception. It is helpful in healing headaches caused by the unopened eye chakras. It encourages regeneration of tissues and is helpful in healing blood diseases, muscle tension, spinal disorders, and menopausal symptoms. It also helps in offering nourishment and addressing emotional issues.
Blue-Green (Chrysopal) Opal
A Blue-Green opal will open up new vistas and grant a new vision to your thinking. It will ease your emotional burdens and help you observe the world with a different and new perspective. Thus, it helps in detoxifying your liver and relieving feelings of constriction in your heart or chest caused due to intense emotions.
All opals are considered to bring good luck to the wearer. Opal is very sensitive to the energies of the wearer and is a very expressive stone. Your positive vibrations will be projected strongly, and the stone will prove to be extremely beneficial at that time. However, your negative energies will also be propagated and dispersed in the same manner. Hence, it is advisable not to use opals if you are feeling low, down, pessimistic, or sad. Any kind of negativity will be portrayed with the same intensity, which may complicate matters. Hence, it is advised to avoid this stone during such times.
Barring this quality of opals, they are termed as extremely lucky. Opals are given as anniversary gifts to celebrate the 14th and 18th year of marital bliss. Make someone lucky by gifting them this incredibly beautiful stone which can be mounted in gold or silver to increase its power that's at its highest in the month of October.