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Really Powerful Metaphysical Properties of the Moldavite Stone

Moldavite Stone Metaphysical Properties
As it brings about a surge in one's energy, moldavite stone is popularly known as the celestial 'stone of transformation'. This CrystalBenefits post enlists the several metaphysical and healing properties of moldavite stone.
Madhushree Kelkar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Try this out
Hold a moldavite stone in your left hand for a few minutes. You will experience a tingling feeling in your body. This sudden rush of upward energy will leave you feeling refreshed, warm, and invigorated.
If you are holding or wearing a moldavite and you get an epiphany, don't be surprised at all. Aligning your path with your destiny is one of the key metaphysical properties of moldavite. It is an olive-green colored tektite, which was formed due to the impact of a meteorite with earth. It is often said that the clear green-colored stone in the Holy grail was a moldavite. It is also referred to as a talisman for healing the Earth.

As it has several metaphysical properties which has brought about a positive transformation in the personal and professional lives of people, it is one of the most coveted healing crystals. It brings about a change in the life of the wearer or bearer almost instantly. Not only this, it can also impact your chakras, dream life, spiritual dimensions, etc. According to a Czech folklore, moldavite brings about harmony in marital relationships. It was also treated as a traditional gift on the occasion of betrothal.

It is often said that people who do not take a liking for moldavite's bottle green color, are emotionally unavailable and do not feel the need to experience unconditional love. It is said that moldavite helps in making you aware about your true purpose in life. This CrystalBenefits article will tell you about its unique metaphysical, emotional and physical healing properties.
Association: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Color: Deep green, green, light green
Astrological signs: All
Element: Storm
Energies: Inner vision, power, love
Dream Significance: You will soon be affected by a transforming experience.
Symbolizes: Stone of transformation
Birthstone: Not a traditional birthstone for any month
Metaphysical Properties
Moldavite stone
Moldavite Stone
Many believe that moldavite possesses magical powers that bring about a transformation in the life of the person who carries it. Here are few other metaphysical properties, it is said to have.
Moldavite is said to be the stone which initiates transformation and brings about an acceleration of spiritual evolution.

It helps in activating the 'dream states'.

It is a stone of communication which helps in interacting with the cosmos

It has the energy to neutralize the hold of hypnotic commands.

It helps in cleansing the energy and acts as a spiritual protector.

It also integrates the mind and heart, to work together and bring about the best results.
It is said that moldavite will spiritualize and energize the powers of other stones like amethyst , charoite, larimar, tanzanite, etc. when worn together.

It is said that it facilitates communication with your spirit guides.

It helps widen your cosmic consciousness.

It also assists in astral travel and past life regression.

Also, it can give you a foresight and make you aware of what the future holds for you.
It can assist you tremendously if you are trying to develop your psychic abilities.

It helps bring about positive changes in life.

It also aligns one's path to his destiny.

Its highly energized vibration does not allow negative entities to affect your aura.

It brings back the balance in relationships and life.
Emotional Healing Properties
Sad woman
Emotional Healing
Apart from metaphysical properties, moldavite is also said to have several healing benefits for our emotional health. Here is a list of the same.
It causes the wearer to bring about a sense of personal fulfillment.

It helps in healing old emotional and spiritual wounds.

It has a soothing and relaxing properties.

It stimulates spiritual growth and expands your consciousness.

It also helps awaken latent memories of past and sheds light about the situation.

Moldavite helps you by getting touch with your inner-self.
It helps to recognize and bring forth what works in your best interest.

It makes you think about unexpected solutions to problems that may be troubling you.

It helps develop unconditional love, and respect for yourself and others.

It makes you introspect your beliefs and guides you to discard the ones that are no longer applicable.
Physical Healing Properties
Back pain
Physical Healing
Believers claim that moldavite has several physical healing properties.

It acts as a catalyst in detecting and healing any kind of diseases.

Its warm green color makes it effective in the treatment of ailments related to eyes.

It has rejuvenation qualities and slows down the aging process.

The vibrational energy of moldavite causes changes in the affected areas and encourages the cells to be replenished to its original state.
It is also beneficial for people who fighting a battle against infertility.

It is said to be highly effective for treating hair loss.

It helps in overcoming problems like allergies, rashes, flu, fever, anemia, etc.

It is especially beneficial for brain as it aids memory retention, balances electrical impulses, and even protects against mental degeneration.

It is also beneficial in the treatment of gout.

It also assists in the treatment of diseases which affect the respiratory tract.
Meditation with chakras
Meditation With Chakras
It is said that moldavite is a very strong chakra opener and activator. Here are details of the chakras that resonate with moldavite.

It helps in activating any and all chakras, thus, helping in removing blockages and expediting the healing process.

Moldavite opens and stimulates the chakras of the heart and helps in releasing bottled-up emotions.
It resonates excellently with the crown chakra and helps in accelerating the spiritual growth.

It also resonates well with the 3rd eye chakra and throat chakra as well.
How to Use it
You can carry as well as wear the stone. Wearing moldavite earrings, rings and pendants can create energetic resonance. However, as it is a tektite, it is not physically protective. Hence, most people may feel a surge of energy vibrations throughout their bodies. They may even get a fluttering sensation in their chest. Your body will take time to adjust to the moldavite's frequency and you may feel intense heat. This is called 'the moldavite flush'.

As it amplifies your intense energy, emotions and feelings, it recommended that you use moldavite for healing purposes only when you are in a healthy mental state. Also, try to use it for sometime, and see how it affects you before wearing it everyday. Not only this but also to get physical protection and to ground its energies, it is advisable that you carry or wear smoky quartz, hematite, jet, tanzanite, azeztulite, charoite, black obsidian or black tourmaline with the moldavite.
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Also, be sure about your intentions after wearing or carrying a moldavite, as it will accelerate the manifestation of the same. You may also meditate by carrying a moldavite in your hand. It makes meditation deeper and you may even get a spiritual experience. Moldavite is also used in Feng Shui as it brings abundance and prosperity. It is also used as a healing crystal for children and spiritually evolved cats.

Apart from this, it is also said to have a positive impact on the environment. Its energetic vibrations help in disconnecting with unhealthy attachments and attracting positivity to you. It makes dreams more meaningful. It is said that its energy first moves wherever it is most needed and then travels to the center of the heart. Please remember using a faceted moldavite will intensify its energy. It also helps 'star children' to adjust on the earth. Not only this, it will also lead you to a spiritual pathway towards enlightenment and self-discovery. Now that you know about the metaphysical and healing properties of moldavite, acquire it if you want to transform your life.