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Yellow Sapphire Meaning

Yellow Sapphire Meaning

The yellow sapphire, one of the most precious stones bears great meaning and can have a deep impact on our life. This article gives the meaning and significance of this valuable gemstone.
Megha Tiwari
These yellow colored gemstones are members of the large sapphire family. It is the stone of the planet Jupiter. This stone has been used since many generations and there are many folklore associated with the yellow sapphire. Some say it renders a power to the leader to take correct decisions and make accurate judgments, according to some, yellow sapphire showers money on the one who has this precious stone with him.

The healing property of this stone has also been accepted worldwide. It is supposed to heal a person mentally as well as physically and make living better. In some famous traditions, crowns have this yellow stone embedded in them so as to provide peace of mind to the crown wearer. Because of its so many amazing properties and benefits, this stone has been used for curing diseases and unblocking chakras of the human body. Folklore has in it, different yellow sapphire meanings that have been discussed in this article. This stone has many historical references. Some etymologists believe that it is derived from a Sanskrit word "sappir" which is a dark-colored stone. According to the English Bible translations it comes from the word "sapir", a stone that represents a tribe called Issachar. But now it carries varied meanings and significance.


The significance of this gemstone can be seen as a birth gemstone popularly known as pukhraj. Those born in the month of September have yellow sapphire as their birthstone also called September birthstone. Because of the stable property of this gemstone, it can be worn by anyone irrespective of their month of birth and it is believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and prosperity to all. It can also be worn by those born in November as an alternative birthstone.

Zodiac Stone

The yellow sapphire stone meaning is significant as a zodiac stone as well. It is best for Arians, Librans, Taurians, and Cancerians as it brings an end to ill effects that Jupiter can have. The yellow sapphire is believed to keep these individuals away from diseases, debts, and enemies and open up many new opportunities for them. It can also be used by other signs like Pisceans and Scorpions for a good career and prosperous professional life and also for a positive effect on education an wealth creation. Yellow sapphire rings and pendants are the most common forms of jewelry that are worn. The best thing about this stone is that anyone can wear this stone, owing to its harmless nature.

Healing Effects

Yellow sapphire or pukhraj oxide is a vermicide. Sounds odd, but it is really effective for the problems caused due to poison. It enhances the production of bile and provides strength. It is also believed to cure jaundice, leprosy, asthma, and tumors. It fights against the problems created by the planet Jupiter. The powder of this stone helps in curing cough and cold when given to the patient with honey and black pepper. For patients suffering from asthma, it should be given with honey and sitopaladi. To stop vomiting, it should be mixed with a pinch of red cardamom seeds powder and honey.

Balancing Chakras

The stone plays a huge role in balancing of the throat chakra. The color of this chakra is blue that is associated with creativity, self-expression, truth and lies, the judgment of right and wrong. Lies block this chakra, hence wearing the yellow sapphire unblocks it.

The yellow sapphire signifies knowledge and wisdom and that is why it is also known as the "Guru", a teacher or the instructor. It is said to be responsible for balancing the inner and outer energies and thus, circulating positive energy throughout the body.