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Birthstone Colors

Birthstones are known to have a healing effect on the person wearing them. Find out all about the birthstones belonging to different months, here.
CrystalBenefits Staff
As the name suggests, a birthstone is a stone that represents the month you were born in. Birthstones are breathtaking gemstones that are set in rings or other pieces of jewelry to be worn by those who are born in the associated month. These stones not only symbolize certain personality traits but also have an effect on the personalities of the individuals wearing them. These effects include those on luck and fortune, personal relationships, and health. For instance, a lot of people wear their birthstones to prevent accidents, to control their anger and rage, to de-stress themselves and for other such purposes. They have also experienced major differences and claimed to have attained clarity of thought after wearing their stones. Those who believe in the powers of birthstones may wish to sport them in the form of rings, pendants, earrings, and other such jewelry.
Birthstone Colors by Month
Presented here is a chart that you can refer to in order to understand the birthstone of your month. Specific stones have been given to each month due to their effectiveness and the power they possess to affect your luck and fortune.
Month Modern Birthstone Colors Traditional Birthstone Colors
January Garnet (Red) Garnet (Red)
February Amethyst (Purple) Amethyst (Purple)
March Aquamarine (Pale Blue) Bloodstone (Green with Red Spots)
April Diamond (Clear) Diamond/Sapphire (Blue)
May Emerald (Green) Emerald/Agate (Blue/Green/Brown)
June Moonstone (White/Orange/Gray)/Pearl (White/Black/Pink) Alexandrite (Red/Green)/Emerald (Green)
July Ruby (Red) Ruby (Red)
August Peridot (Olive Green) Sardonyx (White with Brown Stripes)/Carnelian (Reddish Brown)
September Sapphire (Blue/Pink) Sapphire/Peridot
October Opa (Black/White)/Tourmaline (Pink/Green) Tourmaline/Aquamarine
November Topaz (Yellow)/Citrine (Yellow) Citrine/Topaz
December Turquoise/Blue Topaz Ruby/Zircon (Clear)

For the meaning of each birthstone you may take a look at this piece on birthstones - colors and meanings. Before you choose to wear any of these birthstones by month of your birth you must know that every stone does not have the same effect on the person wearing it, irrespective of the month (s)he belongs to. These gemstones have energies, and based on the energies released by the person wearing them, these may or may not prove useful. In fact, sometimes wearing the wrong stone can have negative effects on the mind and body. It is always better to consult an astrologer or someone who specializes in this field before you wear any of the aforementioned birthstones. These people have ways and means of testing the power of birthstones on the person wearing them. It is only after it has been specified that it is alright for you to wear the stone, should you wear it in any form you please.
This was about the natural and traditional birthstones. Nowadays, even artificial materials such as Swarovski provide birthstone jewelry. If the meaning of birthstones does not matter to you, and you would like to wear it just for the sake of wearing it, you can definitely go ahead and get yourself what you like. Birthstone jewelry also makes for a great birthday gift. In fact, it is perhaps one of the most personalized gifts you could give someone. Again, ensure that the stone suits the person wearing it and if you cannot, it is always advisable to get birthstones in different materials rather than the actual stone to prevent any otherwise negative effects of the stone. Always do proper research before wearing original birthstones to benefit from all the luck, fortune and good health it has to offer.
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.