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White Topaz Gemstone: Meaning and Properties Explained in Full

White Topaz Gemstone: Meaning and Properties
Being a birthstone for those born in the month of November, white topaz gemstone provides some mystical properties. CrystalBenefits lists the properties and meaning of this significant gemstone.
Prachi Patkar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
From a crystal to a gem
Romans believed that white topaz was a gem associated with their Sun God Helios, and aided in improving their eyesight; whereas, ancient Egyptians believed that white topaz was a gem of the Sun and wore it to obtain protection.
Gemstones have a very significant role to play in our lives, each being different from the others in some way. Gemstones are known for their beauty and peculiarity. They are associated with birth dates too, i.e. each gemstone is associated with a month and in turn with the birthdays falling in that month. Topaz occurs in plethora of colors such as white, red, reddish-brown, mild green, blue, orange to list a few.
Out of the twelve gemstones, white topaz is one of the most affordable gemstones. Wearing white topaz in any form can relieve us of many health-related issues as well as mental disturbances.
White Topaz
White Topaz
Meaning of White Topaz
White topaz symbolizes hope, love and happiness. It is related to the planets - Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Topaz is related to the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. It displays protective properties such as healing, power, and positivity. Topaz is known to induce happiness and elicit feelings of spirituality.
Topaz gemstone occurs as a colored gemstone. However, impurities impart it a white color. Topaz is usually faceted into a pyramid shape, with flat base. It is an aluminum silicate compound consisting of hydroxide and fluoride ions having multiple astrological benefits. In geology, Moh's scale determines the hardness of minerals. Hardness 1 mineral being Talc, and hardness 10 stone being diamond. With hardness value of 8, Topaz is placed at number 8 on this hardness scale.

This gemstone is moderately priced and is available in many forms such as rough, faceted, tumbled, to list a few. It can be used in pendants, bracelets, necklace, and rings. Value (price per carat) is $10-17.
History of White Topaz Gemstone
✴ Gold necklaces with topaz were worn to safeguard body from bad spells cast by hoodoo.
✴ It was considered to be powerful on specific days depending on the positioning of moon.
✴ It was known to provide knowledge, wisdom, and inner peace.
✴ Another healing property it possesses is its ability to aid breathing and provide asthma relief.
✴ It was believed to release stress, thus inducing peaceful sleep.
✴ People worked hard to own all the gemstones, so that they could get all the powers through the year.
Properties of White Topaz
Besides an attractive vitreous texture, white Topaz has some proven healing properties that have been listed below.

✦ Brings about relaxation and happiness
✦ Reduces stress, thus providing relief to people suffering from insomnia
✦ Maintains a good psychological state
✦ Improves memory as well as brings about enthusiasm
✦ Brings about clarity in thinking as well as vision
✦ Helps bring clarity in communication-related problems
✦ Provides a protective layer to those who travel
✦ Imparts healing power to mind, body, and soul
✦ Heals those suffering from chronic depression
✦ Brings about good fortune in one's life
✦ Channelizes energy to those parts that need energy the most
✦ Provides an insightful thinking which leads to growth in personal life
How to Clean White Topaz?
All valuables including gemstones require care on part of the user. It is important to clean jewelry containing white topaz in order to avoid residues from being deposited on it. It can be done simply by soaking the jewelry in a solution of cleaning agent and warm water for about 30-40 minutes. Use a soft brush to clean the jewelry and remove any dirt. Once the article is cleaned, wipe it with a dry cloth to absorb any leftover water particles.
✦ Avoid placing white topaz jewelry with other jewelry. Wipe it clean, wrap it in a dry soft cloth and place it in a separate box.
✦ Avoid subjecting topaz jewelry to extreme climate as it can discolor the gem.
✦ Avoid subjecting it to water or any chemicals to preserve its luster and appearance.
In a nutshell, this beautiful product of mother nature can meliorate our lives in many ways. Considering the useful properties of white topaz, owning one would surely help us in one way or the other.