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Drusy Quartz Meaning, Healing Properties, and Other Uses

Drusy Quartz Meaning, Healing Properties, and Other Uses
Drusy Quartz: A new age, glitter crystal quartz that is inexpensive and looks like shiny sugar crystals possessing healing energy. CrystalBenefits shares more information on its uses and properties.
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Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust!
AQUA DRUSY: "The Stone of Star Dust or Fairy Dust'' is a tiny dust of diamond crystals of various colors scattered on the face of a gemstone. It is believed to have magical properties that brings happiness and peace to the wearer.
Drusy or druzy is the geological term for quartz formed over a million years of crystallization through dissolved silica forced into porous areas of rocks by ground water causing its rapid cooling which then forms into tiny crystals on the surfaces or in the cavities of the rocks. The word ''druse'' also refers to rock space.

These crystals often form on previously deposited minerals, and depending on this phenomenon, they can be of various colors like rainbow, white, pink, blue, purple, green, or black. They are basically formed in places where water gets collected, mostly on rocks and later evaporate. They are mostly found along river beds and shorelines.
General Properties and Uses in Jewelry
✱ Drusy quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and appears clear or whitish. It often resembles glittering sugar or snow crystals. They are mainly formed when water containing silicon dioxide percolates through rock clefts and gets redeposited as crystallized quartz. It is a rare quartz as it is only found within larger quartz geodes.

✱ Its appearance can vary in regards to shape and size, but collectively, they look like thousands of tiny diamonds shimmering on a gemstone. Natural drusy occurs in a variety of colors. Drusy quartz treated with titanium is called Flame Aura.

✱ Drusy stones have been around for long, but it's only in the recent years that it has become popular with jewel stone carvers. Its shimmery quality and easy accessibility are two factors that encourage carvers to make beautiful and elegant pieces for the large fashion market.

✱ It has hardness rating of 7 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness, and hence, it is durable and sturdy for making pendants, brooches, and earrings. It cannot be made into rings or bracelets as the risk of the tiny crystals breaking off runs high.

✱ While making a jewelry, the shape, cut, size, and evenness of the drusy quartz play important roles as it is dependent on the variety of quartz. Most of the time, drusy quartz is dyed to give it a sophisticated and beautiful look.

✱ They are mostly mined in the United States, Mexico, and parts of South America, Africa, and Europe but much of the drusy quatrz supply comes from Brazil. Inferior pieces of jewelry can cost up to USD 15 or USD 20. The more exquisite ones cost approximately USD 200 in the jewelry market. Drusy quartz set on orange, yellow, and white stones are slightly expensive. Buyers should do a thorough research before buying drusy quatrz jewelry, and buy only exquisitely cut pieces from recognized jewelers rather than fake ones.

✱ This particular gemstone is not associated with any zodiac, nor does it fall in the birthstone category.
Healing Properties
✱ It has a positive impact on the wearer, as its calming and soothing effect can relieve stress from the mind.

✱ This quartz dispels negative energy and cleanses the aura of the wearer. It amplifies clear, creative, and pragmatic thinking.

✱ It is said to aid the metaphysics of the wearer and balance any impurities within the body by promoting good health, meditation, and positive thinking.

✱ In Feng Shui, these quartz crystals are used for bringing vibrancy to the dullest of corners in the house. It is also known to effectively blunt out the effects of a poison arrow.

✱ It is believed that it has the power to heal and strengthen the circulatory system, immune system, purify the reproductive system, treat infections, and promote mental and emotional well-being.
Tips to Clean Drusy Quartz
✱ Drusy quartz jewelry must be cleaned in lukewarm, soapy water with a soft brush. Drusy gemstones may get damaged permanently if exposed to household chemicals and extreme heat; hence, keep them away from both. Drusy jewelry must be kept in a soft, fabric‐lined box to avoid damage and scratching.

✱ For raw drusy quartz stone, use high-pressure water spray to clean its surface, a spot gun will be ideal. An air abrasive tool can also be used to clean it. To remove iron stains, you can soak the drusy quartz in a solution of sodium dithionate, oxalic acid, or hydrochloric acid.

✱ It is advisable to use the solution of sodium dithionate also known as "iron out" more than any other acids as oxalic acid and hydrochloric acid are caustic and poisonous. They may cause respiratory, eye, and skin problems. Using protective gear while cleaning with acids is an absolute must.
Drusy quartz not only makes for a brilliant multi colored crystal jewelry but also acts as a healing agent. Hence it is gaining popularity among the masses.