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The Anchor Stone: The Meaning, History, and Uses of Smoky Quartz

The Anchor Stone: The Meaning, History, and Uses of Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz is primarily known as a grounding gemstone. It has strong vibrations and metaphysical properties that benefits an individual spiritually.
Buzzle Staff
May 2, 2018
Smoky quartz gets its name for its yellow-brown to grayish-brown hues that resemble smoke. The etymology of quartz can be traced back to the German words quarz and zwarc, which are believed to be influenced by West Slavic sources as seen in the Polish and Czech words for quartz—twardy and tvrdy. Once a prized stone of the Celts of Scotland, smoky quartz has been known for its power and has been used to adorn weapons and jewelry for centuries.
Alternate Names for Smoky Quartz
Cairngorm is an alternate name for Smoky quartz, deriving it from the locale they were found, in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. It has also been called morion. The latter of which has an elusive etymology, but perhaps comes from a Latin misreading of mormorion for a type of dark precious stone.
Smoky Quartz Highlights
Smoky quartz gemstones
  • Smoky quartz forms in rocks that have traces of radioactive elements.
  • This type of quartz forms over a long period of time as it sits in cooler environments.
  • Smoky quartz is often found at higher altitudes due to the long process in which it gets its color.
  • The gemstone can be found in many parts of the world, from China, to Germany, to the United States.
  • Its other name, Cairngorm, comes from where it was mined in the Cairngorm Mountains of the Scottish Highlands.
Smoky quartz minerals
  • Smoky quartz was also called Morion, which comes from a Latin misreading of word for dark precious stone.
  • It has been used to decorate Highland attire, as well as weapons, and jewelry. 
  • It is known as the anchor stone for its ability to ground individuals.
  • Smoky quartz dispels negative energy and transfers it out of the body.
  • It is believed that the gemstone can also protect one from geopathic stress.
  • Smoky quartz is best suited for activating the Root (1st) Chakra.
The Formation and Mining of Smoky Quartz
The Mining of Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz single
Smoky quartz can be found in metamorphic and intrusive igneous rocks. The coloration of quartz is caused by radioactive elements, and these elements are often found specifically within these rocks. It is not typically found in volcanic rocks, and rarely in sedimentary rocks. If it is found in the latter, it is actually not a true smoky quartz, but merely a quartz that has brown or black characteristics trapped within the gemstone.
The Formation of Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz zoomed
For Smoky quartz to develop into a rich and deep color, it needs to sit in temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius for a long period. So it is often found in mountainous regions at higher altitudes, for these rocks have been resting in a cooler environment in comparison to the rocks that reside in the valley below. Common locations where smoky quartz can be found include China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malawi, Morocco, Namibia, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United States.
Smoky Quartz Throughout History
Quartz has been used by the ancient Egyptians and the Romans in jewelry. The Egyptians used to bury talismans made of quartz with their dead, and the Romans thought quartz was fossilized ice that they wore as jewelry to keep them cool during the hot months. The Celts mined Smoky quartz in the Cairngorm Mountains that reside in the highlands of Scotland. It has been used to decorate jewelry, kilt pins, weapons, and other Highland garb accessories.
Uses and Benefits of Smoky Quartz
Helps in Grounding an Individual
Known as the anchor stone, Smoky quartz is most attuned to grounding individuals. It helps to transfer negative energy out of the body and into the earth to be organically broken down. At the same time, it can protect one from geopathic stress that gets released by the earth’s geological functions occurring beneath the surface.
Dispeller of Negative Energy
The natural ability of Smoky quartz to dispel negative energy makes it a perfect stone to transmute chaos and confusion into positive energy. On an emotional level, anger, resentment, doubt, and other forms of negative thoughts can be released from the body. In doing so, it enables one to finally let go of things that have stunted their growth as an agent of light.
Activates the 1st Chakra
The protective and dispelling qualities of Smoky quartz make it an ideal stone to active the Root (1st) Chakra. When placed at the base of the seven chakras, it elevates the others by siphoning all of the negative energy in the body, releasing it back into the earth so that it can deteriorate through natural processes. With the use of Smoky quartz, you can align all of the other chakras and ensure that there are no blockages caused by negative energy.
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