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List of Birthstones for Each Month

List of Birthstones for Each Month for You to Choose Your Own Gem

Read on to know the birthstone that is best suited for you depending on the month in which you were born.
Anju Shandilya
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Since the first century, stones have been used to bring luck to the wearer. Every month has a particular gemstone associated with it. With this article, I will help you choose the right one for yourself or your loved ones.
It is important to understand that different traditions associate different gemstones with each month. If you want to choose the most significant birthstone, then choose from the traditional ones, or else you can choose a gemstone that you like the most.
Some people also believe that it is the gemstone that chooses the wearer. If you feel a very strong connection to some stone, then you can wear it. But, do remember to take some time to understand the traits and meaning of that particular stone before opting for it.
Choosing a stone according to your birth month is definitely a good idea. Here's a list of traditional and modern stones of different months.
Traditional - Garnet
Modern - Garnet

For people born in January both the traditional and modern birthstone is Garnet. Garnets are reasonably priced stones and are far less expensive than pink tourmaline and ruby. They look beautiful in rings, pendants and necklaces.
Traditional - Amethyst
Modern - Amethyst

For people born in February both the traditional and modern birthstone is Amethyst. Amethysts are totally affordable purple gemstones and are a symbol of sincerity, security and peace of mind. They look beautiful in rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
Traditional - Bloodstone
Modern - Aquamarine

For people born in March the traditional birthstone is Bloodstone while the modern one is Aquamarine. Bloodstones are inexpensive earth stones and are generally used in pendants, bolo ties and bead necklaces. Aquamarines are medium-priced and are clear light blue or blue green in color. Transparent aquamarines too are available which sparkle and look very attractive. They make beautiful pendants too.
Traditional - Diamond
Modern - Diamond

For people born in April both the traditional and modern birthstone is Diamond. It is famous for its durability and glamor, and represents purity, eternal love and faith. It can make any piece of jewelry look a million times better.
Traditional - Emerald
Modern - Emerald

For people born in May, both the traditional and modern birthstone is Emerald. It is a much admired wonderful green stone, often used by energy healers for healing relationships, hearth and health. Thanks to its stunning beauty, it can be used in all types of jewelry.
Traditional - Alexandrite
Modern - Pearl

For people born in June, the traditional birthstone is the Alexandrite while the modern one is Pearl. Alexandrite is a beautiful and rare stone that changes its color from red to green depending on the amount of light that is passing through it. It is usually very difficult to find natural alexandrite stones in the market but synthetic stones are freely available. They make beautiful rings. Pearls are symbols of love, and a pearl necklace is a truly classic piece of jewelry that everybody treasures and loves.
Traditional - Ruby
Modern - Ruby

For people born in July, both the traditional and modern birthstone is Ruby. It is known as the stone of love because of its deep red color, and looks beautiful in all types of jewelry.
Traditional - Sardonyx
Modern - Peridot

For people born in August, the traditional birthstone is the Sardonyx while the modern one is Peridot. Sardonyxs are small, very elegant looking black stones that are often used along with other gemstones like pearls to create elegant jewelry. Peridots are olive-green in color and are very less costly when compared to green tourmaline. They can be worn in all forms of jewelry.
Traditional - Sapphire
Modern - Sapphire

For people born in September, both the traditional and modern birthstone is Sapphire. It is available in every color except red, but blue is the most common color. Sapphires are often used as substitutes for diamonds and are often made part of the engagement rings as they help express commitment and loyalty.
Traditional - Tourmaline
Modern - Tourmaline

For people born in October, both the traditional and modern birthstone is Tourmaline. These gemstones are available in many shades and colors but the most common colors are pink and green. They are rather expensive and look nice in all pieces of jewelry.
Traditional - Topaz
Modern - Citrine

For people born in November, both the traditional and modern birthstone is Citrine. As these stones are available in a beautiful shade of yellow, they are often used as an alternative to yellow sapphire or a yellow diamond and are also used along with amethyst and garnet to make multi-colored jewelry.
Traditional - Turquoise
Modern - Turquoise

For people born in December, both the traditional and modern birthstone is Turquoise. These are reasonably-priced, vibrant light blue stones. They make lovely pendants and earrings.
Well, we have reached the end of the list. I hope you have found the information provided useful and have enjoyed reading the article as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.
Dark Purple Amethyst
Black Tahitian Pearl
Pearl On Red Satin
Blue Sapphire
Emerald Gemstone
Aquamarine Topaz Crystals
Pearl In Oyster Shell
Citrine Crystal
Collection Of Red Ruby Stones
Blue Sapphire Or Tanzanite
Citrine Healing Stone
Garnet Red
Mineral Amethyst
Green Tourmaline
Sapphire In The Hands
Crystal Of Garnet
Shiny Red Ruby Gemstone
Emerald Colombia
Granulite With Garnet
Blue Sapphire
Green Turquoise Gemstone
Red Tourmaline Chain
Raw Blue Aquamarine Rocks
Pink Tourmaline Crystals
Blue Sapphire
Ruby Citrine
Tourmaline Gemstone
Aquamarine Crystals On Matrix Rock
Limestone Garnet
Blue Pearl And Shell
Tumbled Citrine Quartz
Alexandrite On White Background