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Kunzite Gemstone: Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite Gemstone: Meaning and Metaphysical Properties
Do you feel depressed and overwhelmed by stress? If yes, try wearing kunzite gemstones that are known to uplifts one's mood and help relieve stress and tensions. CrystalBenefits elaborates more on kunzite meaning and its metaphysical properties.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Did You Know?
Kunzite was used in the Russian Palmette Tiara and necklace that is owned by the current Duchess of Gloucester.
There are numerous gemstones that are famous and have made their presence and sparkle known throughout the world for centuries: Diamonds, sapphires, rubies being some of them. But there are a few lesser known stones like tanzanite and labradorite that are relatively young and slowly gaining in popularity. One such gemstone is kunzite.
Kunzite was discovered in 1902, in California, and is named after mineralogist George F. Kunz, who was also the Vice President of Tiffany & Co. It is a pink gemstone which comes from the mineral Spodumene. It is mostly found in the United States, Pakistan, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and Afghanistan. Its color varies from a colorless shade to a deeper pink, and sometimes, light purple.
It is seldom cut as a small stone, so it is mostly used in pendants and other jewelry where a larger cut is suitable. It is known to exhibit pleochroism―when viewed from different angles, it will show different colors. It is a medium to hard gemstone and measures 6 or 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, due to this, it is difficult to shape and cut the stone. It should never be placed under strong sunlight, as the color tends to fade. Most kunzite are not treated, but some stones are heated to around 150ºC to improve its color. Irradiation is another option for kunzite treatment; however, it is used very rarely, not like regular heating.
Kunzite with its bright and pink color is said to be ideal for lovers as it brings out unconditional love in an individual. It is also a healing stone, and hence, beneficial for those suffering from heartbreaks. It is also said to enhance an individual's devotion towards love. It works with the heart chakra, helping the wearer gain inner peace and mental stability. It helps integrate throat and third-eye energy centers, which assists to get rid of emotional baggage from the past.
Pink Kunzite
It is ideal for people suffering from anxiety, and exam-related stress. It is recommended for those who want to heal trust issues, enhance self-love, and keep insecurities at bay.
Metaphysical Properties
✱ Placing kunzite on the stressed parts of the body, helps relieve tired muscles. It helps to maintain the energy level―physical and mental. It keeps the person active all the time.
✱ It is suitable for individuals who wish to move closer to spiritual way of life. Kunzite aids to make a person peaceful by giving him/her positive energy and thoughts. It induces patience and the will-power to face criticism.
✱ It brings good fortune to the wearer, it also helps an individual to express his/her feelings to others, and experience all kinds of love. It removes all past burdens and makes him/her live a renewed, fuller life.
✱ It assists the wearer in communicating his thoughts and viewpoints through actions rather than words.
✱ It helps bring peace in life, and is said to purify the mind, body, and soul. It is an excellent stone for meditation, especially for beginners.
✱ It protects one's aura, and eliminates negativity from any surrounding. Carry it to a place where something undesirable has occurred, and it will absorb all the negativity.
✱ It is also believed to attract love, but attracts more of spiritual love than physical one.
✱ It helps to fight feelings of inferiority and insecurity. To stop procrastination, the wearer is advised to wear it even while sleeping.
Kunzite Crystal Healing Properties
✱ It awakens one's heart center and generates loving and kind thoughts.
✱ It is helpful to calm epilepsy, joint pain, and increases our immunity.
✱ Kunzite looks delicate and beautiful, you can even use it in your ring or in a pendant or locket to enhance your love life. It helps retain positivity, and provides strength to the spirit to carry on despite the difficulties.
Kunzite gemstone beads necklace jewelery
✱ It helps to relax and soothe strained and stressed muscles, especially in the neck and shoulder.
✱ Pink kunzite helps to activate our heart chakra. It's healing properties strengthens our heart muscles. It also preludes arthritis, and, joint pain.
✱ It is helpful in promoting blood circulation, and is helpful in getting rid of arthritis.
✱ It is advantageous for people addicted to substances like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes. Wearing this gemstone provides a higher tolerance against these substances.
✱ Purple-colored kunzite takes care of thyroid related problems. It is an ideal gift for girls who have just entered puberty.
✱ Kunzite is related with the heart, so it deals with all heart-related matters. It helps a person to overcome a breakup, loss of a loved one. It fills a person with humility, unconditional love for oneself and others.
✱ In the physical world, it is used an amulet to protect your loved ones, and your possessions while traveling. In the spiritual world, it helps the spirit overcome the difficult times.
✱ In Feng Shui, it utilizes energy like warmth, activity, brightness. It is related to the south area of a home or a particular room. Utilize its energy to improve your reputation in your neighborhood and your family.