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12 Crystals That Aid Grounding and Make You Feel Positive

12 Crystals That Aid Grounding
The use of certain crystals can make you feel grounded. Placing them around you or wearing them on the body can help you feel relaxed and peaceful. Do you know of these stones and their wonderful effects on your well-being?
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
In this always-on-the-go kind of lifestyle, you feel a constant need to catch up. You feel you can't afford to slow down. Almost all the time, you are dying to get somewhere. And you suddenly realize that, you are forgetting to live. To restore this lost sense of calm in your life, grounding techniques can surely help. Out of the different ways to ground yourself, one is with the use of grounding stones and crystals. They are called so because they balance the energy levels and make you feel stable. These stones are associated with the root chakra and are known to help drain the excess energies from the body to the Earth. Here's an alphabetical list of grounding stones.
Black obsidian
Produced from the rapid cooling of the felsic lava of a volcano, it is a volcanic glass formed from an extrusive igneous rock. It is a powerful grounding and protective stone that increases mental awareness, and guards against negativity. It broadens perspective by promoting spiritual thinking.
Black Tourmaline
This crystalline boron silicate mineral is classified as a semi-precious gemstone. It provides spiritual grounding and protection. It shields you from negative energies and electrosmog. It helps get rid of negative thoughts and relieves mental stress.
It is the mineral aggregate heliotrope, a variety of jasper or chalcedony, and appears as a dark green stone with red patches. It has a cleansing and healing effect on the body. It guards against negative influences and helps concentrate on the present moment. It restores energy, gives strength, and also makes one feel calm and patient.
Brownish-red in color, a variety of the silica mineral chalcedony, carnelian is a good grounding stone that has a stabilizing effect. It stimulates the root chakra, helps overcome fears, and gives strength and motivation. The stone helps get rid of negative feelings, and replaces anger with a sense of calm. It helps you connect with the spiritual side, and fills the mind with love and positivism.
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It is a variety of quartz and is glassy-yellow in appearance. It dispels negative energy and provides a sense of inner calm. Citrine boosts confidence, expression, and creativity. It helps overcome anger and fear, and promotes balance and stability. Mainly associated with the solar plexus, it also acts on the root chakra, and can hence be used as a good grounding stone.
Mined as the main ore of iron, and silvery black or red in color, hematite has a grounding energy. Its contact with the skin is said to make you feel calm and centered, as it strengthens your connection with the ground. It is believed to have a yang element that acts against negative energies, and provides strength and confidence. It helps deal with stress and overcome fear. It enables you to focus better and improves memory. It can shield you from electrical pollution.
This ornamental rock, which is typically green in color, can be used as a grounding stone. It has a cleansing effect on not just the mind but also the body. It cleans the mind of negativity, and helps in the removal of toxins from the body. It helps in the release of suppressed emotions, replaces irritability with calm, and makes one feel independent and confident. It aids spiritual thinking, and enables you to discover your real self.
Red Calcite
A carbonate mineral and a stable polymorph of calcium carbonate, this is a good stone for vitality and detoxification. It helps overcome limitations, aids in the release of fear and other negative emotions, and produces a centering and grounding effect. As it is associated with the base chakra, it promotes physical healing.
Red Jasper
An aggregate of microgranular quartz, this stone is known for its protective and grounding properties. It is associated with the lower three chakras, but is mainly a root chakra stone. It aids in achieving emotional balance and spiritual grounding, makes you more aware of your difficulties, and gives you the focus and strength required to overcome them.
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Pink to bright-red in color, a variety of the mineral aluminum oxide, this precious stone is believed to be helpful in releasing blocked energies. It resolves issues with all chakras of the body, and provides energy and stability. It increases positivism, courage, and mental awareness. It helps in the removal of toxins from the circulatory system. It should be used with caution by those experiencing hyperactivity or irritability, as it can have a stimulating effect.
Smoky Quartz
A silicon dioxide crystal that is a translucent variety of quartz, its colors range from grayish-brown to black. It is a root chakra stone that provides grounding, but not as aggressively as a hematite. It helps look at the spiritual aspects of living and gives mental calm. It absorbs negative energies and drains them to the ground. It thus guards against dirty electricity and protects one from geopathic stress.
Tiger's Eye
This chatoyant gemstone is a metamorphic rock which is silky and golden to red-brown in color. Associated with the solar plexus, it strengthens the will and personal ability. It helps gain clarity of thought and increases mental awareness. It infuses positive energy and helps overcome negative feelings. Boosting a sense of peace, it acts as an effective grounding stone.
▸ Amber absorbs negative energies and has a cleansing and calming effect.
▸ Argonite associated with the root chakra, acts against geopathic stress, and produces a stabilizing effect.
Shungite is a root chakra stone that eliminates negative energies and makes you feel grounded.
▸ Garnet brings in a sense of calm, balances energies, and has a stabilizing effect.
Onyx stabilizes the root chakra and provides inner strength.
▸ Sugilite dispels negative energies, and provides spiritual protection and grounding.
▸ Bronzite and sphalerite are known to be grounding minerals. Bronzite offers protection and induces confidence, while sphalerite is known to give strength and energy.
This was our list of stones that provide grounding. These crystals can be carried in your pocket or bag, placed in your room or office, or be worn as jewelry. What's important is to believe in their powers, and to be open to experience the positive change they help bring about.