Azurite Uses

Azurite is a mineral composite that is enveloped in a glaring-blue hue. With its beauty imbibed features, we must also learn about the various azurite uses. Leaf through this article to know all about this mineral employment.
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Azurite is essentially copper carbonate or may be referred to as the fancification of copper deposits. Azurite may occur in conjunction with malachite, however malachite is not in excessive quantities. It is visible on the mineral in the form of small patches. Azurite is formed when copper deposits undergo changes due to weathering. The primitive background of azurite, compiles of it being used as a powdered pigment. The more enhanced the fineness of the powder, the more defined are the shades of blue. Azurite has a split identity, as it is known by names such as Blue Bice and Blue Verditer. Azurite as a crystal is used for a number of purposes.
Uses of Azurite
Here are the uses of azurite that you may like to learn about.
Azurite is used in terms of indicating the hidden wealth of copper ore.
Azurite is one mineral that has held the fancy of many collectors and hobbyists who are keen to collect specimens. The mineral is put on display during art and antique display occasions.
The most important and widely pronounced use of azurite is its use in making crystals and beading the same into jewelry pieces. Azurite has a property of getting worn out and looking 'used' when exposed to air; it is due to this reason that collectors and jewelry designers store the stone in a place that is away from harsh light and is not exposed to environment that elicits heat or any kind of harmful fumes.
Azurite uses extend far and wide, while covering sectors of mystic awareness. Azurite, for this very reason is called the stone of heaven as it has the power to direct your intuitive experiences and feelings in the right direction.
Azurite when used by an individual' can enhance his creative prowess, making him aware about his inner self in teaching the conscious to pay heed to what the sub-conscious spells out though motifs and signs.
Azurite is also used in healing or treating problems with reference to arthritis, neck sprains and thyroid troubles. It is also very helpful in treating problems related to asthma. As copper deposits are weathered; copper is used in magnetic bracelets for golfers as golfers have a tendency of practicing their putts repeatedly. Copper has healing properties and has the power to relieve the nerve wrenching wrist pain that golfers often endure.
Azurite is placed in between the forehead, signifying the third eye or the chakra' as it is most often called. The third eye in the mystic language symbolizes the inner or the intuitive streak that one possess. It is believed that when one meditates with the azurite stone, one is bound to feel an awakening of sorts where one may connect with the inner self that was earlier, thriving on neglect. It enhances the ability of deciphering what is right and wrong from the moment one comes in contact with the sub-conscious.
Azurite encourages one to attest by establishing a rapport with the inner self what one may feel about a particular situation. However, these practices are not to be continued every day. Instead, one may give a gap of 10 to 15 days between practicing meditation with the azurite stone. It may hamper your mental and psychic well-being altogether.
There are times when something tells us not to accept something indicating its potency to harm us, however, when azurite is used during meditation, our belief system is energized aiding us to conform to our beliefs and testifying its credibility.
These were the prime uses of azurite. As mentioned earlier, make sure that you do not continue administering azurite on a daily basis when you are meditating. Instead of doing good to you, it may cause harm that you had never expected. Practicing with caution is the key.
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