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Aquamarine Stone Properties

Aquamarine Stone Properties

Its dazzling azure leaves you mesmerized. Known to possess magical properties, the beautiful aquamarine is the sacred stone of the Sea God, Neptune. But let's go beyond its exquisiteness and discover more facets of this gem of a stone.
Renuka Savant
The mention of aquamarine brings about a feeling of serenity. The meaning of aquamarine is imbedded in the word's Latin roots which allude to the water (aqua) of the seas (mare). And it is this connection that gives the aquamarine its true colors - a splash of blue, a tinge of green, and somewhere in between. Not to be confused with its green sister, the emerald, or the darker sapphire, the turquoise aquamarine has a charm of its own. Qualities like beauty, purity and fidelity have been associated with aquamarine since long. However, this summary seriously undermines its virtues by a great degree. Besides being the birthstone for people born in the month of March, there are several aquamarine stone properties that deserve a mention.

Aquamarine Stone Characteristics

Some say it was found in a mermaid's jewelry box, for some it is Sea God Neptune's holy stone; varied as the legends are, an aquamarine never ceases to amaze. With every gemstone possessing unique healing properties, what makes the aquamarine so special? Let's delve deeper into aquamarine's cerulean secrets.

Aquamarine's Healing Prowess

✰ Excellent for use in your eye care routine, you can submerge an aquamarine in water, and use the same water to splash on your eyes to wash away all the tiredness. In the ancient times, people used to put in finely powdered aquamarine in their eyes to cure troublesome eye problems.

✰ It particularly relieves throat ailments like chronic tonsillitis, throat pain, injuries and diseases of the vocal cords, etc. Aquamarine is effective in treating thyroid problems as well.

✰ An aquamarine helps you maintain good oral hygiene.

✰ It can be used to treat swollen glands.

✰ Healers make use of aquamarine to cure liver and stomach problems.

✰ It is known to improve blood circulation too.

✰ European nobility had great faith in the aquamarine's power to combat toxins, and wore it frequently.

✰ With its deep connection with water, it's not surprising that aquamarine wearers become immune to sea sickness. A popular gemstone among the sailor community, they viewed it as a good luck charm. The aquamarine was believed to offer them protection from the violent seas.

Aquamarine's Spiritual Connect

✰ Spiritualists appreciate the marvelous qualities of the aquamarine that make it one of the most powerful gems that aid meditation and attain a higher level of consciousness.

✰ A relatively new aquamarine wearer will happily notice marked changes in his/her levels of energy, it works wonders in uplifting the spirit of a person who is bogged down by the vagaries of life.

✰ It has an amazingly calming influence on people with frayed nerves.

✰ During meditation, the aquamarine is known to sharpen your sense of perception as it increases concentration.

✰ Wearing an aquamarine allays feelings of anxiety and fear.

✰ If you happen to see one in your dreams, you will soon be welcoming new friends in your life.

✰ Interestingly, the aquamarine also helps you rekindle the cold embers of lost love. It could be the reason why it is considered an appropriate gift for couples celebrating their nineteenth anniversary.

Aquamarine's True Nature

✰ What we know as aquamarine is a blue variety of the mineral beryl: Be3Al3(SiO3)6.

✰ While beryl is found in different colors, it is the presence of iron oxide (Fe2+) that lends the gorgeous blue tinge to the aquamarine.

✰ The variety of beryl that looks deceptively like the deep blue sapphire is actually Maxixe. The dark blue is attributed to the high level of iron oxide again.

✰ Its wide availability makes it an inexpensive stone.

✰ Aquamarines are sourced from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Mozambique, Madagascar, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Norway, North Ireland, Russia and the United States. The finest ones, however, are Brazilian.

✰ Unlike many other precious stones and gemstones, the carat size in case of the aquamarine is inconsequential. The color of the aquamarine happens to be its priciest factor.

✰ Very often, these stones are processed using heat, which enhances their color from a greenish hue to a deeper blue tint. A naturally turquoise aquamarine is hard to find, which makes it very coveted.

The aquamarine is a stone that embraces the breathtaking beauty of the seas. As it starts revealing its mystical qualities, the aquamarine birthstone facts will leave you spellbound. To limit it as the March birthstone would be erroneous as the aquamarine's qualities of love, friendship and fidelity encompass all of humanity.