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Kyanite Gemstone: Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Kyanite Gemstone: Meaning, Properties, and Uses
Those who are fascinated by the mystical properties of gemstones will definitely appreciate the kyanite gemstone for its wide variety of uses and healing properties. CrystalBenefits gives you the meaning, properties, and uses of the kyanite gemstone.
Vrinda Varnekar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Did You Know?
Kyanite is one of only two gemstones in the world that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy. Hence, it does not need to be cleansed.
Gemstone therapy is an interesting and growing form of alternative treatment, and there are many of us who turn to these pretty stones for help during troubled times. Every gemstone is said to possess some or the other mystical property, but very few gemstones are actually as useful and versatile as kyanite.

Found in Switzerland, Brazil, Myanmar, and the hilly regions of the U.S., the kyanite gemstone was discovered back in the nineteenth century. Apart from being renowned for its metaphysical properties, kyanite also has its uses in the industrial world. It is used very commonly in ceramics, bathroom fixtures, and abrasives, among others.
Blue Kyanite Blades.
✦ This stone gets its name from the Greek words 'kuanos' or 'kyanos', which means deep blue. However, this stone is also found in shades of gray, green, yellow, and white. More than often, kyanite is a rich blue, streaked with any of the shades of the aforementioned colors. Every different color is believed to add its own properties to the already enriching gemstone.
✦ It is believed that ancient explorers used the kyanite gemstone suspended by a human hair as a compass on their expeditions. Though this is not a widely known fact, some experts believe that this gemstone has the ability to follow the Earth's magnetic force when suspended by a human hair.
✦ The kyanite gemstone is said to be most suitable for the zodiac signs of Aries, Libra, and Taurus, and is said to be associated with the natural element of air. Different types of kyanite, depending on color, are attuned with different chakras.
In Personal Life
Kyanite helps one get through and overcome several seemingly impossible personal obstacles. It is believed that it helps to heal damaged relationships, inspires loyalty, and helps one get out of any disputes or disagreements successfully. In case of any difficult negotiation, this gemstone is said to provide an easy way out. It is believed to clear misunderstandings, and open up newer communication pathways as well.
At the Workplace
This stone is believed to promote communication at the workplace, especially if one finds it hard to either understand others, or let his feelings known to others. Believers are encouraged to wear or have a kyanite gemstone nearby when addressing a large group of people for timely aid when it comes to answering impromptu questions or making a point clear enough to be understood by the entire group perfectly.
For Direction
Sometimes, we let circumstances get the best of us, and feel lost and aimless in life without knowing what direction to follow. This may be due to the loss of a friend or relative, a job, or a broken relationship. At such times, wearing or using a kyanite gemstone is believed to be very fruitful. This stone helps us to pull ourselves together and get on with life without feeling lost or aimless. Experts suggest holding on to the stone every night before going to bed, and letting images of different ideas take shape in your mind until you're very clear about what your calling is.
In Feng Shui
Feng Shui also promotes this versatile gemstone. It is considered appropriate to place this gemstone in the bedroom as a showpiece, especially in a child's bedroom. The energies and vibrations of this stone are calming, as well as nourishing for those around it. Similarly, it can be placed in an office for the same effect.
Other Uses
  • The kyanite is helpful to get a sharpened memory. It is believed that touching the center of your brow with the kyanite gemstone helps you recall any memory or any fact that has been eluding you.
  • If someone you know is having trouble interacting with his or her peer group, say a child, because of emotional or physical differences, you can place the kyanite gemstone next to his or her regular clothing. Doing so will help increase the child's will and ability to interact with the environment surrounding him or her.
  • To ensure good dreams, believers place the kyanite gemstone under their pillow. Kyanite is also known to help those fighting against environmental pollution by connecting with them and showing them the way.
Healing Properties
✦ This gemstone is considered to be very useful for those who have been victimized in some way or the other. It helps clear bitter memories of the past, and helps to look at the present and the future in a new light.

✦ Kyanite promotes logic and rational thinking, especially in those people who are very impulsive and tend to make rash decisions.
✦ This gemstone helps the wearer realize his own capabilities, skills, and talents, and helps one identify his soul purpose on Earth. It also helps the wearer enhance his creativity.

✦ Wearing a kyanite is also believed to help develop both intuitive as well as psychic abilities. It is said to promote telepathic awareness along with other abilities as it has the potential to open one's third eye in meditation.
✦ This stone helps to drive away negativity of any kind, be it in the form of sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, stress, and boredom. It promotes tranquility and calmness in the wearer and helps one fully relax.

✦ Since kyanite is very useful in developing intuitive and psychic abilities, it is also believed to help one connect to the higher spiritual realms, and connect with spirit guides for better guidance.
✦ Wearing this stone in a pendant attunes it to the throat chakra. It is widely believed that kyanite strengthens the voice and heals any throat-related problems. Hence, it is recommended for those who assume a more public-facing role.

✦ More than anything, due to its unique metaphysical properties, this stone is excellent for meditation. It is well-known for creating immediate peace and tranquility within the one holding it/wearing it while meditating.
✦ Like we said earlier, different colored kyanite gemstones have different uses. The orange version of the kyanite gemstone is said to be useful to heal any dysfunctional sexual energies that may be affecting a person's married life.

✦ Additionally, this stone is believed to address problems regarding blood pressure, mental and emotional problems, infections, low blood pressure, and weight issues. It is also said to increase concentration levels.
With all its uses and mystical healing properties, there is no doubt that the kyanite gemstone is very popular among believers. Though it does not retain any negative energies, experts suggest that it should be charged for about 7-8 hours once a month with sunlight.

Disclaimer: This CrystalBenefits article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as an alternative to appropriate medical advice. It is highly recommended to consult a gemstone expert before using this stone.