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Check the Healing Properties and Meaning of the Carbuncle Stone

Healing Properties and Meaning of the Carbuncle Stone
Carbuncle stones are among the precious stones that have a rich red color and are known to possess various healing properties.
Praseeda Shirodkar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Did You Know?
According to an ancient belief, carbuncle stones gave out natural light without reflection. Moreover, they were ranked on the fifth place in value, after diamonds, emeralds, opals, and pearls.
What does the Carbuncle Stone Mean?
Carbuncle is considered to be an ancient name for any gemstone of red color. One may not come across this name in the modern gem world, but it is present in older literature where it is frequently used. This name is believed to have originated from the time gemstones where named based on their color. So, it was said that any gemstone with a red color like a garnet, ruby, or a red sapphire, can be referred to by this name. However, over time it has been observed that carbuncle stones actually mean or refer to cabochon-like deep red garnets or almandine.
Carbuncle Stone
This beautiful gemstone possessing a rich red color, is said to be found in the East Indies. Furthermore, holding this gem towards sunlight causes it to turn into a color like that of burning coal. This happens as it loses its deep tinge on exposure to sunlight. Carbuncle stones are among the precious stones enlisted in the Bible. Precious stones are those which are known for their color, brilliance, and rarity. This word is said to exist in four places in most English translations of the Bible. Each use comes into existence from the Vulgate's Latin translation of the Septuagint's Greek term Anthrax which means 'coal', addressing the color of burning coal. In this sense, a carbuncle is usually interpreted as a gem, particularly a deep red garnet, unfaceted, and curving or bulging outwards.

The word 'Carbuncle' is said to have originated from the Latin word carbunculus meaning small coal. Furthermore, it is sometimes used in the translation of the Hebrew word baw-reh-keth meaning glittering. It has been observed in the scriptures as one of the precious stones of the high priest's breastplate. The presence of carbuncle as a precious stone in the Garden of Eden has also been found.
Healing Properties
➺ This stone is believed to protect one against wounds, plague, infections, and all diseases of the throat and stomach.

➺ It is also known to heal injuries as it aids in the clotting of blood.

➺ It is said to help in relationships by patching up quarreling friends and by healing emotional rifts between lovers.

➺ This stone is known to raise the spirits and dispel evil thoughts.

➺ It is said to help one gain success in business.

➺ It is also believed that if this gem loses its luster or becomes dim, it means that death, danger, or some disaster may be approaching.

➺ It is believed that this stone helps in building one's self-confidence, inspiration, and creativity. It also gives one the ability to fight through difficulties.

➺ It is believed to aid in manifesting a realistic version of the physical world.

➺ It helps to alleviate worry, panic, and fear. Moreover, it also aids in maintaining a calm connection to the present.

➺ It is believed to help one in perceiving the absolute support of the Universe.

➺ It is also said to be useful for those exploring the fields of astronomy, astrology, and mathematics.

➺ It is known to help one to be clear about his/her life's purpose.

➺ It is believed that this stone has the power to drive away poisonous air, repress luxury, and preserve the health of the body.
Considering the aforementioned properties, wearing this gemstone might prove beneficial. However, it is necessary to remember that these properties cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.