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12 Crystals That Provide Protection Against Geopathic Stress

Crystals for Geopathic Stress Protection
The use of crystals to counter the negative energies around us is not uncommon. Geopathic stress is said to be a manifestation of these negative energies, rather, strong electromagnetic radiations that may harm our health. Crystals for geopathic stress protection, especially like amethyst and shungite, are believed to have special healing properties.
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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
The Significance of Crystals in Different Cultures
The Significance of Crystals in Different Cultures
~ The ancient Chinese and Aztec civilizations considered jade to be a kidney-healing stone.
~ Native American tribes consider turquoise to be a sacred stone, that gives strength.
~ The Aborigines and Maoris used crystals for healing as well as spiritual purposes.
Egyptians used crystals for jewels
Man's affinity with crystals and gemstones dates back to the beginning of humanity. Eons and eons ago, every culture all over the world used (and still do) crystals for spiritual, religious, and healing purposes. The ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Sumerians, etc., used crystals for carving, magic, beauty, trade, protection, and health.
crystals are used in amulets
Many cultures, since ancient times (and even now), considered crystals to be lucky. Numerous myths and legends are associated with the idea of protection with crystals; you may have heard of how talismans and amulets were used for protection in the days of yore. Crystals like quartz, jade, chrysolite, etc., were believed to have healing powers to protect the wearer from physical and mental harm.
Crystal Healing and Geopathic Stress
Geopathic stress indicates the negative energy radiating from the Earth's surface, and is believed to impair the immune system of the body. Proponents of this theory believe that there are tips to deal with geopathic stress, crystals being one of them. Since the advent of the New Age, crystal healing has re-emerged as a popular and successful healing practice to eliminate this problem. Understand that crystal healing goes beyond the realms of modern medicine.
Different Crystals to Deal with Geopathic Stress
Black Tourmaline
Tourmaline is one of the most popular stones for geopathic stress, and is available in colors like black, yellow, red, pink, blue-green, etc. Black tourmaline is also known as 'Schorl', and is a purifying crystal that protects the person against negative energies, radiations, and electromagnetic smog. It can be placed in the corners of the residence, or anywhere in the house.
A fragile crystal, selenite has the ability to block stale energy, extinguish negativity, and magnify positive energy forces. It is believed to have a calming effect, and helps bring about a sense of peace in the house. It can be placed anywhere, though placing it on the area of geopathic stress zones can bring about the maximum positive effect.
Also known as 'the stone of life', shungite is a brilliant crystal which has astonishing healing properties that are believed to protect the person against electromagnetic radiations from Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, laptops, etc. This crystal also helps ground a person, transfers the excess charge to the Earth, and neutralizes geopathic stress.
Rose Quartz
This is a crystal that is believed to radiate peace and calm. It brings out the positivity and optimism in a person. In fact, it is one of the few stones that is believed to exude love and affection.
This stone is quite common in the West as well as Asia. It is believed to act as a filter and absorb electromagnetic rays.
This crystal is available in colors like yellow, red, green, purple, etc. It acts as a filter to absorb negative energies, and cleanses the geopathic stress zones. Brown jasper, especially, helps clear environmental pollution.
This stone can be placed near any electronic device like cell phones, radio, television, laptops, etc. It is a rather popular stone, and provides incredible results with regard to cleansing geopathic stress lines. It helps neutralize electric currents and protects the house from any harm. In fact, it is believed to transform negative energy from digital devices to positive energy.
Kunzite is a highly protective crystal and helps deflect negative radiation. It is a good idea to place it close to microwave ovens; the stone is likely to clear the area of electromagnetic smog and pollution. It is available in very attractive colors like yellow, lilac, pink, etc., and is readily available in almost all parts of the world.
Lepidolite is generally available in shades of lilac or pink. It has special properties to clear up electromagnetic smog, especially when placed close to electronic devices like computers.
Smoky Quartz
This stone is popularly used to make attractive jewelry. However, it is a highly protective stone as well. It grounds negative energy, neutralizes harmful radiation, and helps purify the house from geopathic stress.
Fire Agate
Agate is supposed to be a highly powerful stone. This crystal balances the positive and negative energies in the environment and helps maintain equilibrium. It has innumerable benefits - it helps soothe the senses, maintain calm, develop self-confidence, stimulate memory, enhance concentration, etc.
This is a very popular stone, and is available commonly in India, Italy, Nepal, Russia, and China. It is commonly found in shades of red, peach, green, and brown. This stone absorbs negative energy, and diffuses electromagnetic radiations from cell phones.