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The Amazing Healing Properties of Amazonite

Amazonite Healing Properties
There is no record of how or when the belief in healing powers of gemstones originated, however, this belief still holds strong. Healing properties of Amazonite are vouched for by many such believers, who claim to have been benefited on wearing this rock.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Amazonite is a beautiful, green-colored microline feldspar, a form of igneous rock, which is found in the regions of Colorado, Crystal Park, El Paso County, Pike's Peak, Brazil, and Madagascar. Previously, it was exclusively found in the regions of Miass in Russia, where it is present in granitic rocks. Though majorly green, its color may vary from yellowish-green to bluish-green, sometimes even betraying fine streaks of white. The name, Amazonite, is an allusion to the Amazon River from which, various green colored rocks were previously obtained, though the availability of green feldspar in the Amazon region is debatable. Owing to the bright green color, which emerges on polishing, Amazonite is often cut and used as a gemstone though it is a soft rock and cracks may appear easily. The healing properties of this green rock are the most prominently sought after among all its benefits.
Significance and Meaning of Amazonite
Named after the Amazon River, Amazonite represents a balance between masculine and feminine energy. The Amazon river is named after the women warriors of the Amazon, who worshiped the moon goddess Diana. They were a race of fierce warrior women formed into a matriarchal society, whom no man dared challenge! Hence, Amazonite is considered as a symbol of balance between masculine aggression and feminine values, promoting kindness and practicality. Amazonite, like all other precious and semi-precious gemstones, has many myths and beliefs associated with it.
The Properties
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The properties of this gemstone may be classified into and discussed under gemstone properties, healing properties and metaphysical properties.
  • Amazonite Gemstone Properties: Pacification is one of the highest regarded properties of this stone. It seeks to soothe the mind and calm the disposition by dispelling negative energies and easing anxiety. It is believed to dissolve grief and fear, and is considered an excellent charm to relax the brain and nervous system. It is, therefore, believed to be a wonderful charm, if worn by a person having nervous disorders and fiery temperament. It also helps untangle the thought process and helps in smooth decision-making. Amazonite vibrates to the number 5 and is also one of the birthstones for both Virgo and Aquarius. It's element is Earth.
  • Healing Properties: Among all other properties, this crystal's healing properties is given highest esteem. This pretty rock is believed to act as a good regulator of metabolism and helps dieters by accelerating a sluggish metabolism into a fat burning furnace! It is considered beneficial for women, as it eases cramps during the menstrual cycle and ensures smooth pregnancy. It is considered beneficial for Osteoporosis, dental decay, calcium deficiency and deposits, and is believed to ease muscle spasm.
  • Metaphysical Properties: This is a sub-category of Amazonite healing properties, as the metaphysical properties serve to heal the unseen ailments caused by non-material disturbances and vibrations. It is considered as an effective antidote to geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. It can absorb microwaves and cell phone radiations. Taping a piece of Amazonite to your cell phone is a good way to protect yourself from your cell's radiation! It also synchronizes the physical and spiritual bodies to create a mind-body-soul balance, which has an overall calming effect on one's life. The gemstone rules the heart, throat, third eye, and thymus Chakras, and can be used to heal and bring about vibrational balance in these parts of the body.
The vast array of beneficial properties held by this gemstone is amazing, especially the healing properties, which have been proven by many to have cured actual ailments and vibrational disturbances. Its green color soothes one's eyes and mind naturally. So, go green with the amazing Amazonite and invest in positivity!
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