Awesome Information About Alternative Therapy Using Healing Crystals

Alternative Therapy Using Healing Crystals
Crystal therapy uses healing stones as part of alternative therapy. It is used to enhance the health and general well-being of patients.
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Last Updated: May 28, 2018
The use of healing stones is quite popular with people who believe in alternative therapy. Just like any other alternative therapy, crystal healing is said to have positive effects only on those people who have strong faith or confidence in the basic principles or concepts of this form of healing.
Quartz crystals
Crystal therapy is thus not a medical therapy, which means that the therapy does not actually function on the basis of any stringent medical practices and scientific laws. It is based on a belief system and is more of a spiritual healing process than a medical one.
Brief History
Magical crystals and precious gemstones with miraculous powers have been a part of many fictional stories and legends, as also a number of ancient references. The most primitive records of crystal healing are the ones in Egypt, which are papyrus records that mention the medicinal benefits of many gems.
The Indian Ayurveda also mentions the benefits of gemstones and their healing properties. Ancient Chinese medicine also bears records of healing stones being used for therapeutic purposes.
Working of Crystal Therapy
Practitioners of crystal healing or 'crystal healers', as they are popularly known, believe that every living organism has several chakras or energy centers that are believed to vitalize the physical body and are associated with a person's physical, emotional, and mental nature.
According to the crystal healing belief system, every living organism is surrounded by electromagnetic fields that are referred to as auras, subtle bodies, and meridians. Crystal healers claim that with the use of right crystals, the energy systems or vibrations of the body can be tuned to improve the health or general well-being of an individual.
With the energy of the crystals, the healers can transfer, focus, direct, and diffuse energy within the body of an individual. The healing properties of these crystals depend upon several factors, like the color, chemical composition, atomic structure, and overall physical form.
Chakras and Crystals
The vibrations in every chakra of the human body can be tuned using different stones. The healing effect of the crystal therapy is enhanced when the crystal is placed on the specific chakras of the body. This therapy accredits every healing stone with specific healing properties such as:
jasper gemstone for root chakra
Jasper is known as the bloodstone and is known to strengthen the blood cells, as it helps in bringing more oxygen to the blood stream. It is associated with the root chakra, and helps in increasing creativity and bringing about spiritual harmony.
Quartz Crystals
quartz crystal
The clear quartz crystal, composed of the widely found mineral quartz, is said to be an overall health enhancer and a strong dispeller of all the negativity around.
Rose Quartz
The rose quartz crystal, which is also popularly known as the 'love stone', has an overall calming effect and is believed to enhance the functions of the kidney, spleen, and circulation system.
moonstone gem
It is a translucent white stone which looks similar to the moon and hence the name. It is said to possess energy useful to all women. It assists in period problems, childbirth, and fertility.
Criticism Against Crystal Therapy
Although many people claim to have experienced the benefits of crystal healing, hardcore medical practitioners and scientists claim that this therapy has no scientific evidence. There are two firm explanations that support the positive effects of this form of healing:
Placebo Effect
This explanation states that any patient who has been given a dummy pill (placebo) tends to react to the treatment or therapy only because he/she believes that it will work. Due to a strong faith in the authoritative figure/practitioner who recommends the medicine, the patient's condition begins to improve.
Cognitive Bias
This explanation states that a person who has developed set notions about a particular concept, whether positive or negative, tends to develop a bias which is reflected in his/her actions and reactions. Hence, a person who has strong faith in the principles of the crystal healing process tends to obtain positive results.
Well, as far as crucial health matters are concerned, many of the crystal therapy practitioners suggest the use of this therapy only as a supplementary aid and not as the only treatment for any particular ailment or disease.
Every person has his/her own set of beliefs, and whether or not you have that faith in the crystal healers or professional medicine practitioners is entirely up to you. At the end of it, what really matters is to lead a healthy and joyous life.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.